First Day in My House

Yesterday was the first full day in my house and we did a lot. I had to empty my old 29 gallon aquarium of water and rocks so I could get the aquarium stand to take with to the house. I also packed up all of the things for my cats and Dave helped me get it all to the house (including a very large planter I filled with the rocks from the aquarium that was *very* heavy). We also packed up my kitty cats and brought them to the house as well.

The poor kitties were quite traumatized by the car ride to the house (they are not used to travel, except for the occasional vet visit). I released them in the basement which is where I am keeping their litter boxes, dry food and water. Poor Mori immediately left his carrier and went into Maxi’s carrer for comfort and cowered in there for 2 hours. Maxi instead found a hiding place under the stairs. I had to take both – one at a time – and carry them on a tour of the house, ending in the master bedroom upstairs.

Maxi, surprisingly made a beeline right back for his hiding place in the basement. Normally he’s the brave, curious of the two. Mori on the other hand stayed upstairs, cautiously exploring, and finally settled in one of the closets in the master bedroom.

It wasn’t until evening that they both seemed to recover from their trauma and start to truly check out the house.

In the mean time Dave and I worked on painting the primer in the living/dining rooms. We got it all done with the exception of up near the ceiling as I don’t have a ladder yet (need to get one today). The color I picked looks really good (I had the primer tinted to match the paint color). Hopefully today we’ll finish the last bits of painting on the primer and then putting on a coat of paint, including the accent color in the nook above the fireplace where the TV will go.

Of course it was just after we finished painting the window sill that Maxi decides to come out and jump right up on the window sill, getting primer all over his paws. He had to endure more trauma as I washed his paws clean with a wet cloth, but he quickly recovered this time and kept trying to get back up on the window sills. *giggle*

We’re both really exhausted already and I look forward to getting this move completed and settling down in the house for a very long time!

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  1. sambit says:

    ur cats are very beutifull

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