Grieving is a painful process it seems – whether it’s over the death of a loved one or for the loss of a job. Last night Dave and I went through part of that process together. Before yesterday I was mostly feeling fine about the lay-off. Even a bit hopeful of the opportunities this may open up for me. But yesterday dawned with me feeling depressed and down. I was even queasy part of the day and took a late afternoon nap to try and feel better.

Then last night everything began to unravel. It started out innocently enough with us discussing some topic or another. But then the topic turned to something I didn’t want to talk about and in the end I became hysterical and Dave became ill over my hysteria. All in all it was a bizarre and painful night, of which we’re both still reeling from.

[Update: Dave actually had food poisoning but the timing of his illness and my hysteria led us to initially believe I was the cause, but as he continued to be ill for a couple more days afterwards we both realized he must have had some kind of bug or food poisoning. *Whew* I felt pretty bad at first thinking I made him ill!].

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