Well I finally became the victim of a layoff. My organization went through a “reorg” and I no longer fit the bill, so to speak. I’ve been given notice that my last day is September 12. Between that and the severance pacakge I’ll be getting, I should have enough time to dust off my resume and find another, better job.

This year definitely seems to be a year of changes – first the new house, now the potential change in jobs or even careers. Where will I go from here? I’m drawn to Web Analytics as a full time career, but I also have skills as a technical writer, educator, project manager, or even freelance web designer.

I know I’ll find something – and I can take temp jobs if necessary until I find what I really want – question is what do I really want. The next few weeks I’ll have to really delve into myself and figure out where I want to take my career next.

I think this could be an interesting adventure!

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  1. sambit says:

    confidence is the key of success so always think that you got a job and get but u try always

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