Moved In


I am now finally moved in! While the movers did most of the work and heavy lifting last Friday, I still had to do several runs back to the apartment for items I hadn’t been able to pack in time. I’m thoroughly exhausted but very glad that this part is finally complete.

The old apartment also got a good cleaning yesterday thanks to Molly Maids – they actually did a really good job and I may ask them to come in once a month or so and help me keep the townhouse clean too.

So with that I handed in the keys and now I only occupy one dwelling again (yay). The apartment I had was definitely a great aparment – as far as apartments go. They did a great job with rennovations last year too. But I was definitely ready to move into something with more space. It’s amazing but I’ve filled out the 1400+ square feet of finished living space in the townhouse nicely already. I can’t believe I had crammed so much into that 800sq ft. apartment!

Now on to the final adventure – unpacking!

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