Moving On …


In about 2 weeks from now I will enter the office I have worked at for 11 years for the last time time.  I have to admit I am filled with mixed emotions at the thought. On one hand I an excited about the prospect of finding a new, challanging position somewhere new. On the other hand I feel sad and nostalgic over leaving a company I have been with for so long. I was always passionate about my work – sometimes too much so. But I always loved it and wanted to do my best. How do you say good bye and move on from a job that, for the most part, you truly enjoyed?

Of course there will be the inevitable good bye party, and I know I’ll be sobbing at some point on my last day. But at the same time I am looking forward to getting past that day, getting closure and being completely free to seek the opportunities that wait for me. The possibilities are tantalizing.

First and foremost I’d love to work as a web analyst at a company like Omniture. If that doesn’t pan out I would be happy managing Web projects, or even doing some freelance web design, or some kind of Web consulting. As a fall back I can always do technical writing, or even look into teaching web courses at the local community college.

It will be interesting to see where my career goes from here …

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