It was strange coming back to the office today after being told I was being laid off last week. I was quite emotional this morning but I’m settling back in now. I plan to pack up my laptop and work from home tomorrow instead though. No reason to be in the office filled with painful memories. Most of what I have left to complete before my last day doesn’t require me to be here anyway.

I’ve had several people stop by my office and tell me how sorry they are to hear that I’m leaving, which was nice to hear. But as I told them – this is life and there are no guarantees. In the end we’re all expendable from the corporate viewpoint. I’m glad to have had 11 years at this company and I’ve learned and grown a lot in this time. I know I have a really good skillset to bring with me to the marketplace and it will allow me to find an even better job than I had.

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  1. Kate Martin says:

    Gabi, I am so sorry you got laid off. Take the time to grieve and then get back on your feet. It must feel like a terrible betrayal for all of the years you spent there.

    Take care of yourself, and if you’re ever in the Seattle area give me a shout.


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