I just found out my bank – Washington Mutual – failed and was shut down and is being sold to JP Morgan Chase. I’m not worried about my money – I know that’ll be ok. But its yet another sign of a failing economy. Which of course does not bode well for someone who just got laid off … *gulp*.

Now as I posted before I don’t have to worry right now … but I’d still rather find a job sooner than later. So that makes me think – should I hold out for that dream job a little while longer? Or should I start entertaining other options like contract work, tech writing gigs, etc.

And of course the crux of all this with WaMu is that now I’m concerned about how my direct deposits are going to be handled (I still am getting 1 more pay check and all my severance too). I can just see having to redo all all my automated bill pays and everything (these bank transitions are rarely easy).

It’ll probably be alright in the end but I’ll probably be slightly worried until it is…

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