Failing banks, Economic Woes and Bailouts, oh my!


As everyone else I am following the current economic troubles with some fear and trepidation. I was thinking that those of us who are unemployed may have more to fear than those who are employed – but perhaps not. While I do have some worries about finding a job before my severance and unemployment runs out – those with a job would have to worry about that on top of the worry of whether or not they may lose their job. Ultimately I guess I just have one less thing to worry about.

Some days I worry more than others. The most disconcerting right now is the fact that of all the jobs I’ve applied for so far, I have not gotten a single interview. The most promising contacts I’ve had with recruiters were all for jobs in remote locations with no possibility of telecommuting (sorry but I don’t want to spend 3 months in the dead of winter in Chicago). Either that or I get calls for jobs I’m entirely unqualified for (do these recruiters even bother to read my resume?).

All in all I feel like I’m back on again, trying to find the right job instead of the right guy.  However the experience feels very much the same. Which reminds me that the emotions I’ve had since finding out about my lay-off were very similar to being dumped. I guess I do put to much of myself and my passion into my work – but without it, the work would be meaningless to me.

While I do not plan to stop searching by any means, I am resigning myself to not finding a job until 2009 at this point. I had a long discussion with my consultant at Right Managment and he told me that traditionally companies don’t do a lot of hiring in the later part of the year and wait until January to start hiring again once they have their new budgets in place. While its good to keep getting my resume out there, attend networking functions, etc. , so that companies keep me in mind when they are ready to start hiring again in January.

So I suppose until then I should enjoy my long vacation (or mini-retirement?). *grin*

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  1. Dave says:

    Hang in there kiddo :P

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