The Waiting Game, Round 2


Yesterday I had my in-person interview at Sun Micro. I met the hiring director, got a tour of the campus, and learned a lot about life at Sun. Overall I think the interview went well. There was only one question I stumbled on a  little but I think I managed to give an acceptable response in the end.

I really liked the hiring director and overall the culture of Sun sounds like a great fit for me – lots of opportunity for career growth as well.

My only concern is that I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday and was hopped up on a lot of pain killers so I’m hoping my recollection of how well things went is accurate. It seemed to me that the hiring director was pleased with my responses and I believe we got along well during the 2 hours I was there.

I learned that the position I applied for will primarily report to one group but also be dotted line to another group, so if I did well yesterday there will be one more interview yet to go with the dotted line director. The hiring director said I will hear within 2 weeks if I made it into the final round or not. She also asked that if I get another job offer in the mean time I should let her know.

So for now the waiting game begins anew …

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