The Waiting Game …

I had my first interview this morning for a web analyst position with Sun Microsystems. Overall I think the interview went well – I didn’t stumble on any questions too much (there was one I had to think about a little bit – it was one where I had to give an example and I had no really obvious ones that sprang to mind right away but I fumbled through it and finally came up with an example I could use).

Now I just have to wait and see if I make it to the next round of interviews. If I did well, I may be interviewed either by others on the team or by the team manager herself.

One thing I was very happy to hear about was how flexible Sun is about telecommuting. They allow you to either work from home or the office or a mix of both. I’d probably opt for a mix of both as having some face time is important – although I would imagine I’d have to plan my days in the office to coincide with when members of my team were there as well otherwise what’s the point?

The team I’d work with sounds a lot like the team at LSI – very distributed with folks in Colorado, California, Austin, and France. At least I am very familiar with working with a globally distributed team so that’s definitely a good fit for me. A lot of aspects of this job are a very good fit for me so at this point I am hopeful.

Wish me luck as I wait to see what happens!

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