Economic Restraints


I finally recieved the first of my unemployment income this week (yay). However the harsh reality is that it barely covers my monthly expenses (not counting food). So I am having to make some tough choices. Today I decided to cancel my cable TV for the time being (but not my internet – can’t give that up!). It’s a hard choice for a TV addict like me (thank goodness for the online TV options). Of course I still have severance left and this will help slow down the drain on my severance, but it’s still a disconcerting reality – especially right before the holidays.

One thing that’s good at least is that I only have 4 more car payments. Once that’s paid off I should be able to afford my cable TV again (assuming the worst and I still have no job and no clients for my consulting business). Of course I am “planning for the worst, hoping for the best”. I am having some success with the networking I’m doing and planning on having coffee with someone next week that could end up becoming a strategic partner for my business.

These are tough times for everyone and if anything times like this help to remind us to appreciate what we have because you never know when you may lose it.

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