Family Ties

It occured to me that I should get to work on the annual Christmas gift I send to Germany every year. Since I need to pinch my pennies I decided to make something instead of buy. The part of the family I send the annual package to each year is my grandmother’s nephew Adolf and his family (before you ask, he was named after his father Adolf, not the other guy!).

Uncle Adolf has been the family historian and record keeper for many years now. He shared with me the family tree he’s been keeping over the years. Its getting a little old now and the copies are difficult to read, so I decided it was time to make an update. I used Microsoft Visio and redid the entire family tree as best as I could. It turned out better than I expected so I decided to share this with the world. Take a guess which one is me?

Endress Family Tree

Note: This was generated my Microsoft Visio so it probably will work best in Internet Exploder (sorry for you FireFox or Chrome fans!)

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