They say patience is a virtue, and I suppose I am trying to be virtuous. Today especially is a test of patience on two fronts for me – 1. Waiting on news about the job (one way or another) and 2. Results of the US Presidental Election.

I did call last Friday and talked to the admin of the hiring director at Sun to see where in the process things were. She wasn’t able to tell me much but I did get the indication a final decision had not been reached and that I needed to “hang in there” and wait to be called. So I’m still left hanging for now.

As for the election – I’ve had my hopes dashed for the past 2 elections so I’m trying not to hold out too much hope for my candidate this time around, lest I be disappointed yet again. However I did vote and lent my voice to the rest. Now all that’s to be done is sit back and see what happens.

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