TV Addiction (or is it just true love?)

Ok I know, I should cancel my cable. I know it’s a luxury and I shouldn’t keep paying for it. But I can’t .. I just can’t (ok so I’m an addict – but the holiday TV season is coming up, William Shatner has a new series, I haven’t seen the Stargate:Atlantis Finale yet, the final season of Battlestar Gallactica is about to start up again… how can I miss all that?!)

I have had a love affair with television since I was a child … it all started with Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Sesame Street introduced me to my second love – reading (remember those phonics segments they used to have? I was watching one at age 4 when I had an “aha!” moment and have been reading ever since).

So even if I have to live on ramen noodles for awhile until my little consulting venture takes off … I can’t give up my first love.

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