<! — Begin Rant –>

You don’t want me as a disgruntled customer because chances are, I’ll never come back again.

Today I found out I can’t record William Shatner’s new show on the Biography channel because that channel isn’t part of my current Comcast package. Ok fine. So I contacted them and asked how much it would cost to add that one channel to my current package.

Well it turns out I can’t do that (they don’t “a la carte programming”). Instead I’d have to shell out $35/month more and upgrade to the next level of service before I can get that one channel. I don’t want all the other channels that come with the “Preferred” package. I just want one channel. That’s it. Well they can’t do that.

So that was my last straw with Comcast. After 5+ years of being a happy and loyal customer I’m now royally pissed off. I’ve taken all the rate hikes, I’ve taken the policy changes, occasional outages, all in stride. However, as I said, this is the last straw.

Immediately after talking to the Comcast representative I went to directv.com, found a package that includes *all* the channels I want (and for the next 12 months far cheaper than what I was paying for) and a nice free installation package and upgrades to boot. As of next Wednesday between noon and 4pm I will be a DirecTV customer and I will promptly take my Comcast DVR down to the Comcast service center and turn it in, and cancel my cable TV service (for now I’m keeping the internet since that part of my service has been ok and they actually haven’t raised the rates on that in I don’t know how long – but if I find a better broadband internet package you can bet Comcast will lose me as a customer completely).

<!– End Rant –>

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