Christmas is only a week away and I have even less time then that to complete my christmas shopping. I still have a few gifts to buy, some which need to be given this week before I leave with Dave to Montana on Sunday. Thankfully I’ve gotten most of it done already and am just missing a few things. Christmas cards have all been sent (paper and electronic), and the tree is up and decorated.

I don’t know why but I do love this time of year. Perhaps its because it was the one time of year my family actually seemed to get along (wierd huh?). I think they did it because of me – trying to make it a good time of year for me when I was little. In any case I have many fond memories of the holidays from my childhood.

No matter how bad things were during the year, at christmas we always seemed to have enough money to buy really good food, Omi was always baking something delicious, and there was a lot of love in the air.

A lot of people seem puzzled why I even celebrate christmas since I’m not Christian – part of it is because my family did, and part of it is that I like celebrating the Germanic traditions that have become a part of the christmas holidays – most notably the decorating of an evergreen tree which dates back in germanic traditions possibly hundreds of years before “Christ” was said to have been born. I celebrate the secular parts of the holiday and of course I believe in the concept of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men (and Women!)”.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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