Keeping Busy

If you had told me I’d be as busy after losing a job, as I was when I was employed, I would have had my doubts. Yet here I am, 3 months since my last day on the job and I am busier than I was back when I was working. Of course part of that has to do with the fact I am trying to start a business – but I don’t even have any clients yet.

There are applications to complete, research and networking to do, people to meet, places to go … etc. etc…

I have to admit I like keeping busy. If I didn’t have this I might have gone a tad stir crazy by now. I am making some in-roads with my networking and have some potential clients in the works. The main one is a possible 2 month gig in Wisconsin implementing a web analytics system for Kohl’s Department Store ( I had a couple of calls with the recruiters yesterday who are submitting my name today and we’ll see if they call me for an interview or not.

I still have no desire to relocate anywhere permanently but doing 2 months in Wisconsin shouldn’t be too bad. Thankfully Dave will be here to take care of my kitties for me and we’ll see if airline prices are reasonable to be able to fly back and forth on weekends occasionally. Of course this all assumes I get the gig in the first place. In the mean time I’m keeping up my networking and applying for jobs (in order to be eligible for unemployment).

That’s the other consideration too – if I take this 2 month job, I may lose my unemployment eligibility. Which would mean it will be even more critical to keep getting clients after I got back. We’ll see how this all turns out.

Just my luck Kohl’s will have a huge layoff and this opportunity will also fall through like Sun Microsystems did …

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