Reflections on 2008


2008 has been, for good or for bad, a memorable year. It started out with a lot of promise – I had a new manager, I had recieved a promotion and substatial raise just before the holidays, I had just come back from a fabulous European vacation with my sweetheart. Things were looking up in many ways.

The year progressed and there were political primaries, business trips and house hunting. Dave and I toured a lot of houses and our expectations of the kind of house I’d be getting changed the more we saw. At first we were looking for a single-family within a couple of blocks of his house. The more we looked the farther out we kept going in order to find a house in my price range.

I fell in love with one little single-family with this gorgeous little back yard. Unfortunately the inspection turned up far too many problems with it and the owners refused to budge on helping pay for any repairs so we had to let that one go.  Losing that house felt very much like ending a relationship and I’m still a little broken hearted over it, even though in the long-run it was the right decision (who wants a house with pipes that could potentially burst at any moment?).

In the end we found this great townhouse, for far cheaper than any of the single-families we looked at, and it was move-in ready with a fabulous master bath suite and a decent sized kitchen.

Unfortunately 2 weeks after I moved in I got the biggest bombshell – I was being laid off of my job of 11 years. According to the management my skillset no longer fit the direction they wanted to take the team in so they were eliminating my position.

Clearly I did not see that coming from a mile away and it definitely knocked me for a loop. However I’ve been let go from positions before (albiet not from one I had held for nearly that long), so I bounced back on my feet again. Naturally I immediately began my job search and it seemed promising at first – even made it through 3 rounds of interviews with one prominient high tech company when that fell through because of massive layoffs, and since then the economy has been steadily declining and job openings have become more and more scarce.

So that prompted me to try and attempt to start up a consulting business instead (I know I sound crazy, start a business during a recession?). Well the way I figure it, I have a better chance at finding temporary consulting gigs than I will be finding a full-time, permanent position. I don’t know how successful I’ll be but I’ll give it my best shot – only time and the new year will tell.

On that note – stay positive everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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