New Year, New Opportunities

So we’re now half-way through January of 2009. Our new president has not yet been inaugurated, and I have not yet gotten any clients, although I have sent out one contract to a potential client. And my sweetheart and I have planned a trip to Puerto Rico for 1.5 weeks at the end of February (thank goodness for frequent flyer miles!).

I’ve just passed 4 months of unemployment – this is the longest I’ve been unemployed since I started babysitting in at the age of 15. However I’ve found life moves on, and even an unemployed person can still be busy. For example, I just completed some more painting on the downstairs of my townhome (and I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself). I’m painting over all the white with shades of khaki and milk chocolate – makes the rooms feel a lot warmer and its making the white trim in the rooms pop a lot more too. Very classy.

With that being said I do long to go back to doing some kind of work. Maybe this potential client will sign the contract and agree to do business with me. Maybe not. That’s of course the nature of consulting. I’m also doing a phone screen with a recruiter in Boulder on Friday – we’ll see if that goes anywhere. Also I thought it might be wise to consult an accountant and have scheduled an initial sit-down with one a friend recommended next week.

There are opportunities out there waiting for me – even in this difficult economic climate. I just need to hang in there and persevere.

Ok that’s enough rambling from me at 2:45am!

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