In Limbo

I definitely feel like my life is currently “in limbo”. Waiting to hear the outcome of a job interview, waiting for the consulting project to begin, waiting to earn some more income so that I *can* actually go and do some of the things I’d like to do, instead of just sitting around the house all day thinking of them.

I am quickly approaching 5 months without gainful employment and while I’m still not too anxious about the future, I am getting a little tired of watching paint dry, among other things. I want to go out and live my life again – and so much of my life has been my career, and the things I was able to do with the income my career afforded me. With that gone I’m consigned to staying home most of the time, playing with my cats (or boyfriend *grin*), reading, watching TV, playing World of Warcraft, among other things.

While I love doing all those things, there is a lot more to life then that. At least on nice days I can walk to the golf course and hit some balls on the driving range. However with the club house restaurant closed down (they went out of business), even that is slightly depressing.

Well hopefully I’ll be out of limbo soon and have more positive news to blog about!

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