Life, Work and Green Beer

green_beerHappy St. Patrick’s day to one-and-all. Have a green beer on me *grin*.

So I’ve survived nearly 1.5 weeks commuting to my consulting job. Currently this consulting contract ends after 3 months and I’m hoping they will hire me or at the very least extend it. I’m really enjoying the environment of this company – so much different from my former cubicle-farm corporate environment, in all the right ways.

On any given day you can see people in the office with their dogs, or scooting by on human-powered scooters or riding their bikes – right through the office! The office itself is very open-concept and industrial with a big-city loft feel. It really appeals to the big-city gal in me. There seems to be a fairly flat hierarchy – our team reports directly to a VP and we collectively agreed who was going to be our team-lead (the guy with the most background and experience of course).

The only frustration I’ve had so far has been intermittent internet issues – the laptop I was issued is very cranky and does not like to be connected to the internet (either wired or wireless). I finally gave up and am using my personal laptop until they find me a replacement. Now that I can finally get a reliable internet connection I’ve been able to get more done.

I’m working on 2 projects already, one that I sort of came up with on my own just by asking a simple question my first day. I was reading a some posts regarding tracking a company’s brand in Twitter using a web analytics tool, and I asked if any of our clients were doing that or were interested in it – and that’s how I volunteered myself to research and come up with a proposal and presentation for the clients.

Another project is a beta site that has been developed and I’m going through the site making sure all the web analytics tags are in place and sending data correctly to the analytics tool. Once the site launches I will be responsible for monitoring the traffic, setting up regular reports and being proactive in noticing trends and making recommendations for improvements.

The opportunity this job will give me to really grow in my chosen career path and give me the opportunity to work with some really high-profile clients. My team mates are also very talented and ambitious and I know I can learn a lot here. Overall I’m really excited to be there – this is such an amazing opportunity. Even if the contract expires, this will be an amazing 3 months.

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