Spring Snow Threats and Other Weather Phenomena

Yesterday I thought I might have to get a hotel room for the night in Boulder, from the way the weather reports kept indicating a lot of snow and bad road conditions. The snow never materialized in Boulder or Fort Collins so I had a clear drive home. There is another threat of snow at the end of this week, which I’m hoping will also not materialize. I’d prefer to be able to drive home than have to camp out at a hotel for a night.

Weather like this makes me miss the warm and sunny days in Puerto Rico. Actually lazily sipping on a pina colada while relaxing on a soft-as-silk white sand beach sounds really appealing right about now. Not that I mind the drive or being back at work – the career opportunities here are tantalizing. The brief tease of warm weather last weekend, only to get socked with cold and threats of snow, isn’t helping matters any either.

I’m looking forward to the warm, sunny days of summer!


Update: the snow did come and I was snowed in for about 2 days. The roads were bad enough that I wasn’t going to risk driving 40 miles, and its a good thing – most roads were closed because of conditions anyway. The snow has since left but the cold weather is hanging around – its almost April and yet it feels like mid-January (brr!).

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