Onset of Old Age

GrandmaWell I am officially starting to get old now. I was recently diagnosed with the onset of osteoarthritis – I have the tell-tale bony spur and inflammation on one joint in my right hand. I’ve known for years that this would eventually happen – both my mom and grandmother started showing signs of osteoarthritis in their 40s. Also with all the joint injuries I’ve had over the years I’ve been told by doctors I’d very likely develop it earlier than most.

However I was hoping it wouldn’t happen in my 30s.

I’ve had joint issues for a couple of years now and I’ve been getting tested regularly for rheumatoid arthritis just to make sure that wasn’t the cause. I’ve had some success taking a Glucosamine / Calcium supplement for my bone and joint health. However it was always just a matter of time.

So just call me Granny Gabs from now on!

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  1. Vai Vys says:

    I just want to know about “Alienware M17x”……please don’t say you getting old your’s fan didn’t like it…Keep posting I am a daily visitor now..lol

  2. Kristen says:

    Well, at least you didn’t get GOUT at an early age!!! LOL.

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