Just call me Nurse Gabi

Yesterday the love of my life went under the knive (sorry that just came to me!) … he had to have a tonsillectomy (have his tonsils removed). While this is generally a piece of cake for kids, its generally a lot more difficult on adults, yet these days this is an outpatient procedure.

So I had to drive him down to the surgical center yesterday and wait while he had his procedure done. The entire process too a few hours and then I had him home and resting comfortably in his recliner (doctor’s recommendation). The pain medication they gave him (hydrocodone) is fairly potent but I still needed to give him some every 3-4 hours for the first 12 – 18 hours. This meant getting up at 4am to make sure he took his medication *yawn*.

All in all he’s been doing really well, and he’s already moved on from ice cream to mac and cheese. He’s still sleeping a lot but he went out with me today to chill with friends at a local restaurant and bar for few drinks (he stuck to drinking “near beer” – and the waitress still wanted to card him!!). Of course as a dutiful nurse I’ve brought him lots of ice cream and cold drinks, especially in the first few hours. I’ve made sure he’s taken his meds on time, and made sure he’s getting plenty of fluids. He’s been pretty good at staying on top of things himself too but it helps to have someone else there to keep an eye out.

When I had surgery back in 2000, there was a period of 48 hours where I didn’t have anyone with me after I was released from the hospital and I was on some pretty strong medication too (Vicodin). I’m lucky I kept my head and stuck to a schedule with the meds despite my pain. It really sucked doing it alone and I wanted to make sure my sweetheart didn’t have to go through the same thing. I’m sure if I wasn’t around his brother would have been here, and this Sunday his dad and step-mom are also coming down from Montana as well to help me take care of him next week so I can go to work part of the week next week.

Well what else can I say? I love the guy and I want to help him feel better as much as I personally can.

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  1. Linda says:

    For some reason, it is Colorado law to card a person even if they are drinking near beer or non-alcoholic beer. I don’t get it either – but I remember my mom (in her bartending days) was required to card people for non-alcoholic beer. You can imagine the comments that were thrown at her for that!

  2. Gabs says:

    Yeah no kidding! Thankfully they served him anyway despite the fact he didn’t have an ID on him.

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