Yahoo! Sucks

There was a time when Yahoo! was very beloved by all, but me – I was a fan of InfoSeek for my searches. Unfortunately InfoSeek succumbed to the tech crash and was auctioned off piece-meal to the highest bidders. So I gave in and began using Yahoo! I found it adequate (although to this day I still miss InfoSeek search).

After my ISP changed hands (and changed my email address along with it) several times in the course of a couple of years I decided to start using Yahoo! Mail for all my correspondence. I even paid for Yahoo! Mail Plus for a time. From there I began to use more and more of Yahoo!s services and was a very good, obedient and loyal customer.

One of the services I used was the Yahoo! messenger service (I’ll admit I logged in via Pidgin instead of their own messenger software, but that’s because I also had friends and co-workers on other instant messaging systems and it was a nice way to consolidate all my instant messaging into a single window).

I have also been an addict of chat rooms since about 1993 (when I started on IRC). I had been on IRC’s UnderNet for many years but that “net” declined significantly in the late 90’s, early 21st century. When I discovered that the chat rooms on Yahoo were less infested with scammers (at the time), I migrated there, finding a home in the Web Design:1 chat room. I was a regular there since about 2000, with a 2 year hiatus somewhere between 2004-2006.

Recently my primary ID I had been using to chat with was compromised and several of my friends complained that I had sent them “spam”. Clearly I am not going to be spamming people about some miracle Acai Berry curative so I immediately created a new account, switched my friends over, and shut down the compromised account (changing my password didn’t feel like it was enough).  Within 2 weeks of my switching friends over to my new account, I found I was unable to log in.

I reported the problem to Yahoo! and explained the situation, including my suspicion of my other account having been compromised and perhaps this happened again on this account. The only response I recieved was that I had violated the Terms of Service and that account had been shut down. I have since then sent numerous explanations and even found a phone number to call their customer service department. Again I recieved the same response – I violated the Terms of Service and I should go and read and familiarize myself with them.Problem is they would not even tell me which “Terms” had been violated (they are assuming I know which one was broken? in which case they assume I actually perpetrated this act).

Since then I have found most of my other Yahoo! accounts, while still active, are unable to log into Chat in any way, shape, or form.

I feel hurt, irate, and humiliated that they would treat me like some common criminal, when their chat rooms are *crawling* with porn bots, spam bots, spammers and scammers. If my account had violated some Terms of Serice, then it must have been compromised and the hacker perpetrated these acts. However nothing I say or do seems to do any good. In their eyes I am the guilty party – end of discussion.

So that’s it – I am officially boycotting Yahoo! I want nothing to do with them anymore. If they treat their long-time, loyal customers like this, then they do not deserve any. Over the next few weeks I am migrating all friends over to my new gmail account (if you are one of those friends you should have already recieved an email to that effect). I don’t need Yahoo!s “blogs”, as you know I have my own. I need nothing from them anymore.

I won’t ask everyone who reads my blog to boycott Yahoo! as well, but if you were one of my old chat friends, you can now find me on IRC, on, in the ##gabsplace channel. I will try and add a feature to this site, to make it easier for folks who are not familiar with IRC to join the channel so stay tuned.

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  1. Daghain says:

    Two things:

    1) I have always used my Yahoo! account as “spam mail” i.e. the account I use when I plan to delete 90% of my incoming email and the email I use when I have a pretty good idea that my email WILL be sold off to 3rd parties for spam purposes (only because Yahoo! does tend to have a good spam filter and I could care less what gets in there).

    2) I NEVER pay for email, websites, etc. as a matter of principle. Yeah, I’m cheap like that. But. If I DID pay for it, you can bet I expect a much better level of service than the freebies are getting. Thus, ANY major web presence (Google, Yahoo, etc.) will never get ONE DIME from me, as I already know their ‘net police are nonexistent. Really, they’re serving what, .5% of their population?

  2. yours fan says:

    I just want to express one thing….I just want to chat with you so please consider one of yours fan like me…I tried atleast 7 months to get you…..I failed id is pls add me……….. post msg delete…..have a nice day……

  3. Gabs says:

    vai – I sent you an email. If you read my blog post you will see I deleted all Yahoo accounts. I cannot add you because I do not have a Yahoo account anymore. Yahoo shut down my 2 main ones and I deleted all the others. You need to check your email – I sent you a message there. You can also chat with me if you go to

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