It’s been over 2 weeks since Dave’s tonsillectomy and I am now thoroughly exhausted. The poor guy had a set back on Monday with a bleed that had to be repaired, and then another minor bleed on Tuesday as well. This has set him back a few days in his recovery.

Last week his dad and step-mom came to help out and he looked like he was on the road to recovery last weekend so they went back to Montana, only for the mystery bleed to happen on Monday. While there is never a good time to be sick, the past 2 weeks have been rather poor timing for me to be taking care of him, because I’m in the middle of a really big project at work that’s keeping me very busy as well.

I am reminded of the time I was taking full-time grad school classes and working full-time, coordinating a big redesign for our company web site back in 1999. I was often at work until 4am because our web team was woefully understaffed. How I managed to pass my graduate classes that year is beyond me. Thankfully taking care of a convalescing patient is not nearly the intellectual challange that graduate school is, it still wears you out.

On top of that, after 2 weeks, both of us are tired and frustrated and so we’re starting to snipe at each other. He’s sick and tired of being and tired, and feeling so helpless. I’m just plain exhausted. Add in the fact we both have quick tempers and watch the fireworks!

I think we’ll both be happy when he’s fully recovered. However until then I’m actually glad to be at the office today just to get a change of scenery. Maybe we’ll take a drive this weekend – I know he’d like a change of scenery too.

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