Pain in the …

Sprained Ankle… ankle.

I managed to sprain my ankle last Friday while at the Foreigner concert that Dave and I attended. We were going down the stairs in the stands on our way to the floor where our seats were. I was trying to be careful because it was dark and I know how bad my ankles are. However I didn’t anticipate the last stair being higher than the others and so I stepped down harder than I expected and down I went – spilling my beer everywhere too.

They had to get a medic that was on-site, and he took me away from the crowd to wrap the ankle. Later he helped me get to our seats, gave me a bag of ice and Tylenol to help control the swelling which was good. Unfortunately I was unable to stand during the concert so I rarely got to see the band playing. However they did sound really good so that was cool. :)

Then I spent the weekend with my feet up and ice on the ankle until I could get in to see my doctor today. He said I did quite a lot of damage and he was concerned it may have been fractured (thankfully it wasn’t). He taped it up properly, re-wrapped it and told me to stay off my feet for another week. He was actually impressed with how well I wrapped my ankle (I didn’t like how the medic did it), and was pleased that I was using a walking stick to take some of the weight off the ankle (I have been using my hiking stick as a cane – works really good).

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) it means I’ll have to work from home the rest of this week. It was my right ankle so driving is out of the question, along with all the walking involved in getting to and from my office, getting lunch, or even getting to and from the bathroom (we’re in a cavernous building where most people get around in by riding bikes).

Hopefully the ankle will be better next week!

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