Look 28, am (almost) 38, feel more like 58 … wtf?

How in the world did I end up with a body that looks 10 years younger on the outside, but has insides that are acting 20 years older than I am? Lately I’ve been feeling more like a patient in the TV Series “House”, than living real life.

First there was the peri-menopause (early onset due to the ovarian surgery I had 9 years ago). Then there was the osteoarthritis setting into my joints. Now, apparently, I’ve developed a gallbladder problem (specifically problems with gallstones), which is forcing me on a stricter diet (no starches – which essentially means no breads, pastas, rices, or just about anything made out of grain). Just proteins, veggies, legumes and fruits. And lots and lots of water.

Now I’ve always said I see nothing wrong with getting older. I still don’t. However does it have to hurt so much? How the heck am I going to make my goal of living to see my 100th birthday at this rate?

And how fair is it that I was eating a relatively healthy diet (I did not gorge myself on things like pizza or McDonald’s on a daily basis by any means), I had moderate exercise (maybe 20+ min/5 days a week), I don’t drink excessively, I don’t smoke, I’m not obese or grossly overweight, and yet here I am with gallstones. All around me I see people who are not eating healthy at all, grossly overweight, never get any exercise if they can avoid it, and never seem to have any health problems (ok maybe they just don’t talk about them but I never see them look or act ill or take a lot of sick time).

I know it’s possibly genetic but I don’t know a lot of people on either side of my family who have dealt with a lot of these health issues (outside of arthritis). Most folks on both sides of my family lived quite healthfully well into their 80s and 90s.

Sorry if this post is a bit more of a rant but I’m really fracking tired of being sick all the time. So yes I will eat my lean protein and veggies (tonight for dinner I had sashimi with seaweed salad instead of sushi, for example), and I will exercise more (I might as well get some use out of that elliptical). I just wish I didn’t have to work so hard and being healthy.

(I know, would I like some “whine” with my cheese?)

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