On to New Adventures ….


October seems to be a bad month for me – 2 years in a row now I’ve been “laid-off” from my job in October (admittedly last year I was told in August, worked into September and was paid into October, but still …).

I won’t go into the gorey details, but suffice it to say I was (once again) the scape goat of political machinations. How in the world I get on people’s bad side like that I’ll never know.  At least this time I wasn’t the only one – one of my other team mates also got the boot the same day.

However I’m not too worried – I always seem to land on my feet. I am 100% debt free and have some money in the bank. To cut down on expenses I am moving in with Dave and he will either rent or sell the townhouse I’ve been living in. We’ve been considering co-habitating for awhile now anyway but this may delay when we buy a house together (we were considering getting a bigger house next year but that now depends on what income I can earn in the next year).

In the mean time I’m resurrecting my consulting business, Endress|Analytics, LLC, and looking for consulting work as a web analyst (so if you know anyone looking for a web analytics consultant, please send them my way). I’m getting a little tired of being a pawn in the political shenanigans at companies so, while I will not rule out taking a full-time job again, I will certainly be more hesitant than in the past. If I can earn a decent living from consulting, I may never go back to being a corporate peon.

Wish me luck on my continuing endeavors of entrepreneurship!

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