Well I survived the past 2 weeks of illnesses. First and for me the worst was the gallstone attack and subsequent fast I did to clear that problem up. Thankfully I am going to avoid surgery.

Now I am also an H1N1 survivor too. It hit me fairly hard, but not hard enough to go to the hospital (thank goodness). I had a constant 100F fever for about 5 days and an awful cough.

It feels good to feel “normal” again. Trying to fit my new restricted diet and exercise into my life and trying to get back to something more normal.

The diet will be interesting – no starches, low fat, no fried foods. For no starches that means no bread, pasta, rice and definitely no pastries of any kind. I can have oatmeal and barley. Thankfully I’ve eaten like this before and I have a good idea how to modify many of my favorite recipes to fall within the guidelines of how I should be eating. I will miss eating things like pizza and perogies though. But if my not eating pizza or perogies can prevent me from ever feeling that much pain ever gain, and keeps me off the operating table, it’s all worth it.

On that note let me share one of my favorite new things to eat (I actually was eating this before my attack and really enjoying it).

  • 1 filet of fish (frozen works best for this – most stores carry frozen filets of a wide variety of fish)
  • Frozen veggies (Any kind you like)
  • Lemon juice (fresh or bottled)
  • Seasoned Salt

Use a small stoneware casserole dish (something like the one from Pampered Chef). Place in the filet of fish and sprinkling it with lemon juice and seasoned salt. Cover with the frozen veggies (as much as you want or the dish can hold). Sprinkle some more lemon juice and seasoned salt.

Cook in the microwave for 5 minutes at full power, or until the fish is completely cooked (the middle of the filet is flaky).

It’s quick, easy, and very healthy. Bon appetite!

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