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HTC Aria

New Toy

I finally broke down and got a new smart phone the other day. The standard mobile phone I had was driving me a little nuts in its lack of functionality and the fact it kept having technical issues with calls.

So I headed to the local AT&T store and checked out the HTC Aria. I had read it had recently come out and was AT&T’s 2nd Android offering. I personally did not want an iPhone (I have always had issues with Apple products but that’s another story). I didn’t like the first Android offering that AT&T had (the “Backflip”). The physical qwerty keyboard was a nice feature but it flipped back so it was always exposed and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

The Aria does not have a qwerty keyboard, which from a plus side, makes it a smaller, lighter phone. On the negative it means I need to use the touch screen keyboard. I’m still getting used to it, but so far that has been the only negative in my opinion.

I found a ton of great apps (both free or cheaply priced), and the fact it includes wi-fi so I don’t have to incur large data charges when browsing the internet with it is also a plus. Overall I’m loving it.


Also Dave and I finally broke down and decided to get a housekeeper. I’m getting busier with my work and just can’t keep up with the clutter around here anymore. I interviewed two possibly candidates on Friday and Dave and I have decided on one. She was more experienced, professional and seemed to have a good grasp of what was needed and how much work there would be. She seemed to think she could get this place in ship shape in one day, and then 2-3 hours/week going forward to help us keep it that way.

It will be *so* nice to be in a cleaner, more organized home. I’ve never been a good housekeeper, and neither is Dave. We just really need help in this department and I’m hoping this all works out for us in the long run.

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