Gamer Chick

Lynnea, the Asmodian Warrior Daeva (from the game Aion)

Hi, my name is Gabs, and I’m a Gamer Chick. And no, I do not need counseling, therapy or to “get a life”.

I’ve actually got a pretty good life these days – I run my own consulting agency (ok, it’s a sole proprietorship, but it’s still an LLC!). I’m helping my boyfriend remodel his house (and we’ve been happily together for over 4 years now). We have a good group of friends that we see regularly, and once our basement remodel is done we’ll start having more parties as well.

However, in my spare time, I do enjoy gaming, albeit somewhat casually. I don’t have the hours to dedicate for running raids in World of Warcraft or Aion (or at least very rarely). But there are so many other things to do in these games besides the raiding (which I hear can get tedious if you keep doing them over and over again!). For a change of pace I also enjoy playing Sims 3, or replaying the old Myst games I still have.

Well to that end I’ve posted a few videos on GabsPlace, and so far they are all related to gaming (the two music videos from “The Guild”, a video from WoW and one from Aion). I hope to convey at least some of what I find so entertaining about these games through my video selections. Enjoy!

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