Now I know I am not always the most punctual person – but I always try hard to arrive on-time when I’m meeting someone, and when it’s work related – I try extra hard to arrive early. If I am going to be running late I make sure I call ahead and give folks a heads-up.

Oddly enough most of the time when I do call ahead people seem surprised, and I think I know why – because most people don’t seem to follow this common courtesy anymore. Now I have been impressed by the punctuality of most contractors we’ve had over at the house during all our remodeling. However as time progressed this slowly changed. There were times when not only they weren’t punctual – they outright never showed up, and never called either. I had to call them to find out what was going on.

This also happened a lot when I was showing the townhouse to prospective tenants. Rarely were they on time, and in one case they never showed up (nor did they return my phone call when I asked if they wanted to reschedule – how rude!).

You know, unless you’re in a fatal car crash or you’ve had a sudden and very tragic death in your family – there is no excuse for you to not call ahead and tell the folks that are expecting you at a certain time  that you’re running late or unable to make it.

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