Sweet Home Chicago


I’ve been in Chicago for a week now, and I’ve been having a fabulous time and I’ve take a to of photos.

The apartment I found was fantastic. The location was perfect and I loved the kitchen and bathroom. It was steps away from several bus lines, Lincoln Park, and a ton of restaurants.

I’ve had time to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and visit family while I was here. I visited with 2 of my sisters, along with my step-mom and niece and nephew. I also spent some time with my uncle (mom’s brother) and his wife.

I also had a chance to see some old acquaintances from elementary school along with a bunch of people from high school. The primary reason for this trip was my 20th high school reunion.

The reunion activities have been a lot of fun so far – yesterday we had a chance to tour our old high school and it’s amazing how well they are preserving all the WPA artwork that is throughout the school. Last night we had an informal “mixer” and we had a great turn out. Tons of people came (way more than RSVPd). Tonight it’s out to Oakbrook for the formal dinner / dance (finally I get to got “prom”! Hehe).

I’ve also had the chance to go visit Lincoln Park Zoo, eat at the Chicago Brauhaus, and visit Marshall Field’s and buy Frango Mints, all things I used to do with my dear, departed grandmother.

Overall this has been a fantastic trip and I think I really need to come back more often (at least annually). I may never live here again, but it feels so good to visit.

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