With Success comes Hard Work …


Hard working womanWhen I first set out on this venture of being an independent consultant, I wasn’t entirely sure I could make it work. With the economy seeming to crumble around us, and unemployment figures skyrocketing, I was sure I would have too much competition to really make it in this niche market of Web Analytics. However 1 year and 9 months after I established my LLC, I am seeing a measure of success now. Having one client keeping me busy is a good thing, but I knew I couldn’t sit on my laurels and just rely on one client so I have been seeking additional clients. I have a couple of smaller clients as well, but they have not yet had enough business for me.

However I am now on the verge of possibly signing another agency client, and if that happens I’ll have the security I was looking for. However at the same time, my workload will definitely increase as well. I want my business to be a success, and I want to keep working so this is an exciting time in my career. At the same time it’s also a little daunting. However I’ve never been afraid of a little hard work, and I will be able to reap the benefits of my success over the long run. I also cannot discount the fact that being able to name my own price and having a flexible work schedule really cannot be beat. So if I have to work through some weekends in order to continue being successful, then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. I certainly at least enjoy the work I do. If I didn’t, then why would I put myself through that. At the end of the day, you have to enjoy your work if you want it to be your career. Otherwise, it’s just a job.

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