Puppy Love!


We just picked up our new puppy today. His name is Joey and he’s *AWESOME*.

We found him through http://www.petfinders.com/ and he was being kept at a dog rescue in Placerville, CO known as “For the Luv of Dogs.” They are a great couple that have rescued over 200 dogs so far over a 14 year period.

When we first arrived he was a little shy in meeting us, but he warmed up to us so quickly, we were able to bring him to the hotel/lodge we’re staying at instead of picking him up in the morning.

He’s been overall pretty mellow, although initially a little distressed to leave his “home.” But once we settled down at the hotel he calmed down and relaxed. He has been “guarding” us since we arrived and if he hears other people outside the room he growls, but will stop if we tell him it’s ok. So far he’s been a really good puppy and I think we’ll have no problems training him.

Stay tuned for further puppy updates!

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