The Atheist’s Nightmare – Bananas!!

Ok I apologize to any of my friends out there that might take offense to this but I really have to blog about this. Some of you may not know that Kirk Cameron “found god” some years ago and has been making lots of videos for an organization/ministry called “The Way of the Master” (ok even the name of the ministry is creepy if you ask me). However when I saw the following video I seriously had to wonder if he and his cohort Ray Comfort hadn’t completely lost their marbles (and clearly didn’t do their homework). Check this out:

Ok for those of you who don’t know – bananas were domesticated and cultivated by humans. For centuries they were a cooking fruit because they were not edible raw. It wasn’t until a lot of crossbreeding and hybridization that we now have the bananas we all know today.

This, my friends, is a wild banana:

Which, remarkably, doesn’t fit perfectly into the human hand. Not to mention the fact, technically you’re not supposed to open the banana at the “tab” at the top, but at the other end (I guess chimps are smarter than us). So Kirk and Ray’s supposition that the modern banana is proof of the existence of a higher power – then I guess people are that higher power since we basically invented the modern banana.

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