Reflections at 39


So I turned 39 today – as many have before me and many will after I’ve long turned to dust. Not as notable of a milestone as the next birthday – the “big 4-Oh” as it’s called. However many folks like to “stop counting” birthdays after 39. I don’t think I will – I have always loved birthdays and every year is an occasion to celebrate another year of actually living and still being alive (if that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is).

However this does lead me to doing some reflection over the past years.  I remember the difficult time I had in my 20s and looked forward to my 30s. I had a huge party in 2001 to celebrate my 30th birthday and my graduation from CSU with my master’s degree (both noteworthy events).

Overall I’d say my 30s have been a significant improvement over my 20s. In my 20s I had a significant career upheaval, I didn’t know what I needed, or even wanted, in a relationship. I was definitely at a crossroads in my 20s. During my 30s I found my way, both in my career and in my relationships. I forged some good friendships, rediscovered old ones, and even found a wonderful man to share my life with. As this decade comes to a close, I am hopeful that my 40s will be even better than my 30s.

I know I am getting older – I’m already suffering from osteo-arthritis and the earlier stages of peri-menopause (gotta love those hot flashes!). However in many ways I don’t feel that different from who I was in my 20s or even teens. I guess despite all the detours my life has taken, I have remained true to myself. Therefore I have no major regrets (yet).

I don’t know what my 40s will have in store for me, but I am looking forward to finding out! :)

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