Adventures in Non-Alcoholism


Recently I had some bouts of tummy problems – mainly a stomach inflammation that potentially is the early stages of an ulcer. I went to see a new doctor to get checked out and now I’m taking Prevacid for about 2 months, and abstaining from alcohol, coffee and ibuprofin (he prescribed me 2 alternative pain-killers for when I need them).

I’ve always enjoyed a glass or two of wine or beer with dinner, or the occasional cocktail when dining out or at a party. While I’m off alcohol for awhile I really didn’t want to be relegated to drinking just water at every meal (and soda and fruit juice are just too high in calorie/sugar). So I decided to dive into the world of non-alcoholic beer and wine and see what’s out there. I haven’t tried all the offerings yet but here are some of my initial thoughts.

First of all I’m finding beer is much more suited to being turned non-alcoholic than is wine. It really doesn’t lose a lot of it’s character or flavor in the de-alcholization process. Red wine in particular loses almost everything in the process of having the alcohol removed, however the White Zinfandel I tried wasn’t half bad (for a White Zin).

The NA beers that I’ve sampled so far have been far more enjoyable. My favorites so far are in this order: Paulaner Thomas Bräu, O’Doul’s Amber, St. Pauli Girl NA. All three go down smooth. I like the Paulaner the best because it’s got a nice malty character and is the sweetest of the three. O’Doul’s Amber has a lot of flavor without being hoppy. St. Pauli Girl is slightly hoppy, but not so much that I can’t enjoy it. In fact I think it would be excellent to mix with a lemon-lime soda like they do in Germany.

There are a lot more options to try so I will update this list when I’ve had a chance to try them.

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