Android Fever

The Three Androids: HTC Aria and the 7" and 10.1" Galaxy Tabs

It all started out innocently enough. I wanted to upgrade to a smartphone. I felt like I was being left in the dust with my antiquated non-smart cell phone. I knew I didn’t want an iPhone because, frankly speaking, I am no fan of Apple or their products (yes, I do own an iMac, but I rarely use it. It’s primary purpose is for testing iOS apps for my clients. It’s secondary purpose is to be a giant iPod).

What I was left with was either Blackberry, Windows something-or-other, or Android. I heard a lot of good things about Android, and did some research and ultimately decided on the HTC Aria. It’s smaller than most other Android phones but I like that – it fits into my jeans pocket nicely, and for me that’s important.

I fell in love with my little Android, but when I heard that Android tablets were coming out I was skeptical as to their usefulness. They seemed more toy than anything else. I then had the chance to play with the early contender – the Motorola Xoom, in March and thought it might be kind of cool. Then I had the fortune of receiving a 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab as a giveaway at a conference and I fell in love with the device. I found myself using it more than my laptop for media consumption and fighting my boyfriend for it after he became addicted to Angry Birds.

So recently I decided to look into getting another tablet. I did my research and looked at all the options, but I fell in love with the 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s very thin, light, and the bigger screen makes watching videos an even greater pleasure than on the 7″ version. Other perks include Android 3.1 (vs. Android 2.2), a much more powerful wi-fi adapter, and a longer battery life.

Unfortunately I once again found myself “fighting” my boyfriend for the use of it, so for our anniversary this year I went ahead and purchased him his very own 10.1 Galaxy Tab. Now there is peace again and we’re both in Android tablet heaven!

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