Reflection on the Past 5 Years

Dave and Gabi 2006
Dave and Gabi 2006: The night he first asked me out!

On July 19th, Dave and I are celebrating 5 years together as a couple and it has me reflecting on the past 5 -6 years of my life. I met Dave about 6 years ago at a friend’s party. We chatted a lot and I found him a really interesting person to talk to, although I was dismayed he never asked for my number. It took another year, and some teasing on my part at several more parties, to get him to ask me out.

Our first official date was very traditional: dinner and a movie. The restaurant we dined at no longer exists, and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it anymore. We did go see Superman Returns that night as well. At the time, neither one of us knew how long the relationship would last, but I was impressed by Dave’s openness and honesty with me about his thoughts and feelings.

Very early in the relationship Dave also went through a family tragedy as well – his mother passed away very suddenly. I did everything I could to let him know I was there for him, if he needed me. I had gone through the exact same thing with my mother only a couple of years before, and I understood how difficult it could be.

I was pleasantly surprised when Dave asked me to join him that Christmas in Montana to meet his family. We had quite an adventure getting there too, considering the bad snow storm we had the day before. We were lucky to get a 4 wheel truck (Ford F150) rented for our journey.

Since then we have had many happy adventures together, both at home and travelling abroad, to places like Puerto Rico, Germany and Monte Carlo.

Since November 2009 we have also co-habited, and are getting along quite well living together in the same house. It was an adjustment for both of us at first, but we are making it work.

Last year we even made another leap in committment and adopted a puppy. Joey has turned out to be a great addition to our family and he has had a stabilizing effect on Dave and my emotions (we are both extremely passionate people, and that does get the best of us sometimes). At the end of the day though, we are really good for each other, and our personalities compliment each other nicely.

After 5 years, he still makes me happy and that’s what is most important. I love you honey!

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