Living la Vida Low-Carb

Many of you know (or not), that Dave and I have been trying to lead a low-carb life-style over the past 2 months. Dave opted for the Atkins approach, while I am on a modified version of the Fat Flush Plan. From a food perspective the main difference between the two is that Atkins focuses mor heavily on protein, while Fat Flush limits the protein and recommends lots of colorful veggies instead, and some fruit. They are both more complex then that but I would say that is the big difference between the two approaches. I like veggies and I can trade rice, pasta or bread with veggies as a side any day.

With that being said, I want folks to know I just launched a new blog that I am calling “NoCo Carb Conscious.” The main focus will be local restaurant reviews in Northern Colorado, with an emphasis on low-carb options, or the ability to modify an order to make it low-carb. I will also include from time to time some of my favorite low-carb recipes you can make at home.

Dave and I eat out alot, and that can be a challenge if you are trying to be low-carb. There is one great restaurant review blogger in our area, but its clear from her choices that she doesn’t eat a low-carb diet, and I wanted to provide a resource for folks like me who do want to focus on finding low-carb options.

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