Blogs, Vlogs and Tumblr, Oh My…


The last few days I have been engrossed reading one of my favorite YouTuber’s blogs, from the beginning to present. Oh, Hey Kristina chronicles Kristina Horner’s adventures from late 2008 to today. I read about her travels, finishing college, taking a chance quitting her conventional part-time job and earning from her various online endeavors.

The most riveting part of her blogs have been in relation to the two major relationships she had during this time. Both were long distance with YouTubers she had known for awhile before they began dating. In the end it seems neither have worked out, but when you’re her age dating is such a learning experience.

As I said in a previous blog entry, watching their vlogs on YouTube is my new soap opera. The addition of their blogs, facebook entries, twitter and tumblr posts fills in the gaps left out of the vlogs (to some degree).

At the end of the day I know it’s none of my business and they will share as much, or as little, as they choose. I have no right to demand they share more than they are personally comfortable with. It is disappointing that some fans are attacking Kristina, Luke, and others for not sharing more.

I actually like that they are being somewhat mysterious about what’s really going on – it adds to the suspense. Eventually Kristina will find a new love (hopefully the one she will spend her life with – I think she deserves that), and that Luke, Ingrid, Ray, Alex, Jason, Joey, Brittney, etc. will also find what they are looking for long-term.

For now I remain riveted to their vlogs, blogs, tweets and tumblr posts, looking for the next hint of what’s happening in their lives. Sad? Maybe, but it sure beats what’s going on in TV Land these days!

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