The Dog Days of Autumn?

As most of you know, Dave and I adopted our dog Joey one year ago near the end of September 2010. He was the last of his litter to get adopted and we were thrilled to bring him home. He’s turned out to be a smart and fun pet.

Well this year we went back up to where we adopted him (the Telluride, Colorado area). Partly because it’s just a beautiful area and we wanted to explore more of it, partly so his rescue family could see him again, and partly so he could meet/play with his one sister, Lexi.

A few weeks before we headed over there, Lexi’s owner suddenly tells me that she’s looking to re-home her. I think it came down to a personality mis-match between them and Lexi. Aussie-mixes are very independent and intelligent, and require at times a lot of patience.

Dave and I went back and forth whether or not we should adopt her, but when it came down to meeting her and seeing how well she and Joey got along we just had to try.

She was well trained by her original adoptive family, which makes this a lot easier. There are some behaviors we need to work on with her, and get her adapted to our day/nigh schedule, but I think these should be overcome with time and patience. Overall she’s sweet and seems to like to spend time near us. She even slept in my bed our first night back home, which Joey never does for more than 5 minutes.

One thing I have to say – we won’t visit the Telluride area again in September, since it seems when we do we bring home a new doggie. I think two is currently our limit! :)

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