Birthday Countdown

In exactly 40 days from now I will turn 40. To mark the occasion I have been planning a birthday countdown vlog (video blog). I’m doing these vlogs for a number of reasons – primarily I’m doing them for myself, as a way to reflect back on the last 4 years of my life, and as a way to help me remember things as I get older. You never know what memories might get lost in the mists of time. Another reason is perhaps my friends and family may be interested in the little anecdotes about my life. At least I hope my niece and nephew might be interested when they get older.

The final reason I want to share these memories of my life is that I didn’t have the easiest life growing up. I was teased and bullied. I had an alcoholic mother. We didn’t have a lot of money. Yet I survived all that, and made something of myself. I hope that folks out there who currently are living through a similar situation as I did, will see my videos and see that things can and do get better if you can hang in there. I was determined to survive, and to improve my lot in life. I had no intention of playing the victim in life just because of the circumstances I was born into. I didn’t let it keep me down, and today I’m a successful, self-employed consultant.

So stay tuned to my videos page, or subscribe to my YouTube channel, and I will attempt to post a new vlog daily over the next 40 days.

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