I am Not Any Percent

I am getting tired of people being so divisive around the world today. I may not be part of this so called “1%” of wealthiest people, nor do I identify at all with the folks calling themselves “the 99%.” I also cannot completely identify with “the 53%” either. Nor do I feel that any of those groups should presume to speak for me. I can speak for myself quite well enough, thank you very much.

What also bothers me is the mentality that if I don’t consider myself part of “the 99%” I must be some kind of corporate or government sheep, although nothing could be farther from the truth. I remain self-employed because I’ve had it with corporate politics and politics in general.

While I do not deny that there are people out there struggling and need some help to get back on their feet again. However this mentality of entitlement is really pissing me off, especially the folks who keep talking about the “redistribution of wealth.” I’m sorry, but I worked hard to earn what I have and just because you didn’t want to work as hard as I did, does *not* entitle you to anything I have earned.

The harder I work, the better off I have become, and the more philanthropic I want to be with what I have earned. However, I feel that philanthropy needs to be a choice. I do not feel the government is qualified to make the best use of my money for the sake of the poor. I would rather make my own choices as to how I wish to share my hard earned income with others.

It saddens me that people are vilifying folks for being successful. Yes, some of the wealthy people in the world inherited that wealth, instead of working to earn it themselves. However one fact people are clearly ignoring is that, besides the taxes the wealthy are paying, most of them work on and contribute to philanthropic endeavors, which benefits everyone. If you are going to vilify please target the specific corporations who still provide “golden parachutes” to failed CEOs, and pay outrageous bonuses to executives, while still laying off workers and accepting government bail-outs. If you are going to protest, focus your protest on the actual culprits, not individuals who happen to have had financial success.

I was also laid off back in 2008 and I could have sat back, collected unemployment through endless extensions, while whining about how no one will hire me. Instead I formed an LLC and tried the self-employment route. I figured that while I may not make it long, it covered my unemployment gaps and made me more employable than I otherwise would have been.

Thankfully in the long-run the self-employment route has worked out very well for me. It wasn’t easy – I had to do a lot of networking to make a name for myself and get folks to give me a chance. In the end it paid off and I couldn’t be happier.

Folks out there who can’t find a job equivalent to what they had before, need to consider taking any job they can find, until they can finally find the job they want. I’ve had to work many crappy jobs over the years while I went to school and did what I needed to, to get into the career field I wanted. It wasn’t easy, and life is never easy. Taxing people more is not going to change that.

Take some responsibility for your life and change it yourself, instead of waiting for others to change it for you.

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