Being 40-Something


So yesterday I turned 40. That’s a fairly big milestone in a person’s life, considering our distant ancestors often didn’t live much past the age of 30 or so. If I was alive some 50,000 years ago I’d be considered a very old woman (and probably look the part), but in today’s modern age 40 isn’t really that old at all.

I can honestly say I don’t really feel that much different from when I turned 30. Sure I have a few more aches and pains then I did then, but nothing really all that bad.

My life is significantly improved since I turned 30, and way more since I turned 20. My 30s was my favorite decade in my life so far – I exceeded my own expectations in both my career and personal life. 10 years ago I would never have imagined being an independent consultant. In fact I remember having a presentation by a lady who was an independent consultant in one of my grad school classes and I thought to myself at the time “I could never do that.” Well I proved myself wrong (thank goodness!).

Also 10 years ago I would be equally skeptical that I’d ever meet a man as wonderful as Dave has been to me over the past 5.5 years. At that time I was still reeling for a big break-up (which was mostly mutual although I did broach the subject first). I wasn’t sure I’d ever find the kind of guy I really wanted and needed in my life. Amazing that he was living less than 1 mile away from me at that time!

I remember looking forward to my 30s, because I was tired of being 20-something and being treated as too young to know anything. Being 30-something seemed to add a level of legitimacy to my words, and people finally started to listen to what I had to say. It was a nice feeling.

I am equally looking forward to being 40-something and having an even stronger level of authority given to my voice. I don’t think your age should matter in how people perceive you, but in our society it still does.

Unfortunately you get to a point where you are considered “too old” to know anything. While I have no problems getting older, I dread the day someone looks at me and says “what do you know, you’re too old!” Let’s hope that doesn’t happen until I’m at least 80!

Until then I am going to keep enjoying my life, and working towards fulfilling the rest of my goals and dreams. I have 2 major goals left to accomplish, living to see my 100th birthday, and buying or building my dream house. Obviously the house goal will be accomplished first and I have no doubt it will be reached before I hit 50.

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