Geek Girls Aren’t Creepy!


As you may know from some of my past blog entries, I’ve been becoming really addicted to YouTube in the past 1-2 years. Not only am I enjoying watching YouTube, but I am also enjoying making my own vlogs and sharing my thoughts and ideas online as well.

In the past few months I’d been seeking out a place where I could discuss some of my favorite YouTubers with others who also watch them. That led me to a forum known as GuruGossip. Love them or hate them, I find that forum to be a very entertaining site to discuss YouTubers on. Admittedly that forum is primarily focused on gossiping about YouTube beauty gurus, but they also have venues where folks can chat and discuss other YouTubers as well.

That being said, it has led me to a realization as to how not all women think alike. I am very much a “geek” and many of the ladies on GuruGossip are more of the ballerina or cheerleader type of gal. I think ballerinas and cheerleaders are awesome people, but it’s become abundantly clear that I share very little in common with them other than the fact that we all watch YouTube videos.

The modern day definition of a “geek” is someone who tends to know a lot about, and has a lot of passion, surrounding a particular topic (movie geek, computer geek, web geek, star wars geek, etc.). This passion for that topic can verge on the edge (or even go over the edge) into obsession (or at least appear to be obsession). I am a geek over many different things – various sci-fi TV series, Web Analytics (which I turned into a career), and now also YouTube. I am especially geekish about certain YouTubers – primarily Ray William Johnson, Meekakitty, Kristina Horner, Luke Conard, Ingrid/Missglamorazzi, Philip DeFrano and Shane Dawson. It would appear my level of knowledge (and interest) in them is bordering on obsession. However it’s not any more of an obsession than my passion to know everything about Doctor Who or Star Trek.

I think folks, especially girls, who are not geeks, don’t understand this mentality and quickly label it as “creepy.” I’ll admit that some geeks will take their passions/obsessions too far and definitely cross the “creepy” line (think about the lady who stalked David Letterman and kept breaking into his home). However I don’t see my interest of watching YouTubers and following what they share online as “creepy.” If I was focused on just a single individual perhaps, but that’s far from the case. Especially since I also have a successful career I keep nurturing and a fantastic fiancee as well (seriously, if I was being a creepy obsessed stalker, my fiancee would kick me to the curb so fast my head would spin! I’m not about to lose a wonderful man just because I find some YouTuber entertaining).

I also think that geek girls are more likely to be obsessive about many different things, while geek boys tend to focus on only a few things, in general. This may be because of the more multi-tasking nature of the female brain in general.

I’ll never be a normal girl – and I honestly don’t understand the normal girl thought processes. Why do they like to discuss makeup and shoes more than the latest scientific advancements of our time will always baffle me (what is it about shoes that is supposed to be so fascinating?).

On the flip side normal girls will never understand us geek girls either. Just don’t automatically label us as creepy because we happen to know a lot about a particular person. It’s just part of the geek girl nature and doesn’t always translate to creepiness.

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