Every day I am a travelin’ …


Ok I’m *not* actually traveling “every day” but over the next few weeks it’s going to feel like I am! So I’m currently writing this while sitting in a vacation rental home in Sedona, Arizona. We’ve been here for about 2 weeks now, on a 6 week stay in the area (our bid to try and escape winter while Dave is on his 8 week sabbatical from Intel). So while we’re here, we have plans to travel down to Phoenix to visit family (my godmother, his aunt and uncle).

Then the following week we’ll be going on another side-trip to Las Vegas, and we may try to also squeeze in a day trip to the Grand Canyon. The last week we’re in Sedona, I’ll be traveling to Salt Lake City to attend a business conference, and I get back the day before we drive from Arizona back to Colorado.

Following all that travel, a week after we get back to Colorado – I’m going on yet another trip – to Chicago to attend yet another conference and to spend some time with my family aunt, uncle, and sisters). The final bit of travel I have planned is near the end of April with a weekend in Denver to attend the StarFest convention that I go to every year.

Thankfully after that we have nothing else planned, travel-wise, until November for our honeymoon in Belize. I think this Summer I’m going to become a homebody after all this travel!

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