Random Thoughts on Thursdays


I’m introducing a new format for my vlogs (video blogs). I’m going to be sharing “random thoughts on Thursdays,” which is basically the same kind of vlog I’ve always done. However I am now going to adhere to a regular schedule and post a new vlog every other Thursday. Here is the fist of my “Random” vlogs:

As you can see from what I said in the vlog, I’ll be vlogging about all sorts of random events and things going on in my life. I plan to shoot footage during the 2 weeks between vlogs, and compile it all for posting every other Thursday.

I have a lot going on this year, with our wedding coming up, our honeymoon, remodeling going on in our house, and plans to sell and buy a new house, plus lots of other things. So I think I won’t run out of material for my vlogs anytime soon. Come with me on all my adventures this year, and enjoy the ride!

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